Zohar Kawaharada

Zohar Kawaharada is a photography, video and performance artist based in Tel Aviv.  In her work processes, she investigates time and place via her own presence and examination of the body in relationship to that space.  She purposely and diligently chooses places that evoke tension and conflict.  By looking at the political, cultural and historical narratives of a place, she creates analogous situations to the universal questions of belonging: who stays, who leaves?  What traces are left behind, which remnants are hidden, and which are exposed?  She questions how time alters a space by imposing a dual relationship between personal biography and history, validating biographical facts while simultaneously concealing and distorting them.


Kawaharada often examines camera obscura techniques where the unravelling of the darkness leads her to the raw audio, visual and textual materials whose experiences document their own existence.  Her repeated motif of the circle/cycle in a structural and metaphorical loop means the start is the end and so on.  Her works present a conscious response to political and social anguish of a time and place where the insistence on repetition and change exacerbates and or alleviates the inherent trauma.