Zac Hacmon

Born Israel, 1981

Lives and works in New York

Zac Hacmon is a sculptor whose work investigates modes of control and the delineation of private and public spaces. With acts of construction and deconstruction Hacmon creates objects and fictional environments that allow him to manipulate social conventions. Hacmon’s recent works use ceramic tiles, stainless steel tubes, plexiglass and aluminum.

Hacmon’s background in industrial design and fine arts allows him to investigate both technical and visual elements in his work.  His works reveal an architectural inclination that disrupts the familiar in favor of the precarious and capricious and, one could argue, even paranoid, while still rewarding the viewer with an incongruous aesthetic. 

Hacmon is a recent MFA graduate of Hunter College in NYC.  His prior studies included Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, as well as the Slade School in London.  He has exhibited internationally, and his work is in selected collections worldwide.