Tamar roded shabtay

Born in 1983, works in Tel Aviv

In her work, Roded Shabtay explores the notion of movement as both a physical and metaphorical practice. She is interested in bringing together the dramatic elements associated with movement while simultaneously exploring the ostensibly quiet and even unseen, yet often concrete, gesture on the surface. It is about capturing a single moment of a “story" in the passing of time, as well as recording her own actions on the surface.  This physical aspect of her work is a substantial part of her creative practice; Roded Shabtay works on large scale surfaces which allow her to record her motions around and on the paintings as almost performative acts.  Gradually, she develops a dynamic relationship with the images as they are created.

She uses the fluidity of color as an integral part of her language; the images are created through colors that leak, shift, drift, spill, spread, splash, spray, flow, seep through, penetrate and stream on the surfaces as she tilts them. She welcomes the arbitrariness that is formed through these acts and allows the paint to glean from her the exclusive control of the painting and to form what she titles “an autonomous entity”.