Peter Jacob Maltz

Born 1973, London

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel

Peter Jacob Maltz is a multidisciplinary artist whose work deals with life’s journeys.  Having immigrated to Israel at a young age, he delves into issues of cultural identity, religion, and family.  In his art, Maltz combines abstract and narrative approaches while documenting the humanistic, theological, and political dimensions in everyday life.   His drawings and sculptures are created out of a yearning to find extraordinary meaning in the time in which we live.  His relief sculptures are often made as sort of death masks which commemorate an event which occurred in a specific location or document a moment in the artist’s life.

Maltz holds an MFA from the Royal College of Art in London and has been teaching at Bezalel Art and Design Academy for more than a decade.  Maltz’s work has been shown extensively in exhibitions throughout Israel and Europe and is held by collectors in Israel and Europe.  He is the recipient of numerous awards such as the Miron Sima Visual Artists Prize and the Young Artist Prize from the Ministry of Culture.  A large wall sculpture of his is on permanent display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.