Netta Lieber Sheffer

Born in 1972

Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Netta Lieber Sheffer’s point of departure focuses on events that occurred in the past, trying to isolate a single, passing moment - a memory - and to make it tangible. These memories, stories that stayed with the artist, are used as a starting point to create narratives - where truth and imagination are merged into one painting. Her source materials are images that inspire her, taken from family albums, theater, movies and literature. By bringing them together into a form of a blended memory, she creates a new story; yet, at the same time, allows for these specific venues of the past and the narratives that took place in them to re-exist.  In this way, the color and stain in her paintings give figures and places a newfound vitality, resurrecting them from their obscure and ephemeral existence.

Lieber Sheffer holds an MFA from University of Haifa and a BFA from Bezalel.