Guy Levy

Born 1988,  Petach Tikva, Israel

Lives and Works in Tel Aviv

Levy is a recent graduate of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. His expressionistic works illuminate a particular social reality in order to confront its emotional and moral complexity.  Dramatic narratives of Sephardic and Ashkenazi men and women appear in scenes of coupled intimacy, singing and playing instruments.  Levy recounts, criticizes, and complicates the “Orientalist” view - the Western view of the Mediterranean.  In each of his compositions, there is an ambivalence that stems from the mutual definition of the characters as "others" and from the changing hierarchies of control and influence that form between them. 

The cacophony in his paintings resonates with his experience and contention with being a Sephardi Jew in Israel.  The archaic notions of racial and cultural discord are inescapable in his works.  His paintings are busy, layered with narratives that are at once seemingly conspicuous, even sometimes joyous, and at the same time laden with a mysterious undertone of pain.  Bold outlines and basic colors emphasize the tension between his desired calm demeanor and his infernal lamentation and expression of self-doubt.  His paintings describe ritualistic and tragic story lines that deal with issues of gender and social hierarchy and often twisted role-playing which delineates society’s power struggles.  This delineation is a raw unification of form and content that renders his works acute and agonizing.