Barak Rubin

Barak Rubin’s works deal with the concept of locality.   He examines the crossroad where historic, factual and archaeological “truth” intersects with cultural and religious myths which are prevalent in Israel and the Middle East.  Rubin encourages the viewer to focus on the politically and historically charged issues and territories that continue to formulate our local reality.  He likewise invites reflective thought on photography as a medium.  

His works are a tribute to Judaism, Islamic art and the ancient Middle East.  In his work entitled “New Stone”, Rubin follows the use of stone from its raw origins to its manifestation as a treated, processed material, while reflecting on the stone as a ruminative element in the hands of men.  In the series, Rubin uses the metal tools as a platform to attempt at understanding the connection between the materials: the unaltered stone and the metal.  He examines the transformation of the object as a result of the interaction between these seemingly unconnected substances.  Furthermore, Rubin’s technique intertwines the metals with the photographic process, thus investigating history and theory of photography as a whole.

Rubin is a graduate of both the BFA and MFA programs at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.